Episode 50 – David Stays on the Throne and Other Summer Plans

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So it’s Episode 50 AND our two year anniversary…what do you do for a show like that? Nothing seemed all “Yay. We made it,” to us.  So we thought about it and figured we’d go back to what we love doing, talking gaming. So we talk for a bit about what we are doing in the hobby and what we are planning for the next few months. Then we call a bunch of friends and see what they are doing, and in between we play a bunch of voicemails that we got in the last few weeks.

So if you’re looking for hardcore warhammer talk…well you got TWO army reviews in just three episodes, so give us a break. Why not relax and just hang out with us while we go all chatty about our hobbies and just go where the conversation takes us.

Hope you enjoy!

Show Index

0:00-05:15  – Intro and shout out from Ryan Taylor

5:15-23:34  – News & Rumors

Mantic Kickstarter — New fliers for 40K (briefly)

23:34-24:38 – Commercial Break 1 and Voicemail!

24:38-1:01:53 – Some weird stuff about Google Voice, listener voicemail, and then…

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1:01:53-1:02:40 – Commercial Break 2 and Voicemail!

1:02:40-1:22:45 – Summer of Steele!

1:22:45-1:23:18 – The Amazing Hastings pt. 1

1:23:18-1:35:28 – Lizardmen Jeff and a real life

1:35:28-1:36:18 – Commercial Break 3

1:36:18-1:36:44 – The Amazing Hastings pt. 2

1:36:44-1:55:44 – Cranky of Maine

1:55:44-1:56:07 – The Amazing Hastings pt. 3

1:56:07-2:20:34 – The Joker and the Yu Tang

2:20:34-2:21:34 – Commercial Break 4

2:21:34-2:34:42 – Andrew of the Nine Podcasts, and the Pronunciation of Doom

2:34:42-2:35:17 – Commercial Break 5

2:35:17-2:59:19 – Romeo loves D&D!

2:59:19-3:00:00 – Commercial Break 6

3:00:00-3:30:34 – Greg & Jen Person: Young Gamers in Love

3:30:34-3:37:54 – Evil and Suffering and show close


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