Episode 49 – Curried Elves…Not Too Gamey!

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So we are doing a Dark Elf review and who better to get then Ben Curry himself to talk about them.

A few notes on the show.  First, we can’t thank Ben enough. The Saturday morning (Chicago)/Saturday afternoon (England) Skype gods were not kind to us. The sound quality was excellent, but after the first hour or so, the connection dropped repeatedly either at 17.5 minutes or 35 minutes. (Yes, if it missed the first 17.5 minute limit before dropping, it got us on the next one…ugh!) There were, seriously, about 14 drops where we lost connection and had to call back. Yes, it’s a simple thing to do, but then to get back to what you were saying and to keep it all together is annoying and we are grateful beyond belief that he was willing to stick it out with us!  Of course, we think he enjoyed it. I mean, who else does 5 hour cover to cover army book reviews? Ben loves that army and knows it inside and out, which brings me to our second point…

Ben really loves that army. He doesn’t just know the filth, he’s into the fluff. He knows it all and it was a real treat to hear about them, from their initial release back in fifth up until now, from someone who started playing them at that time.  All in all, this is a great episode and a great review if we do say so ourselves.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy some Dark Elf discussion! (We sure as heck did.)

Hope you enjoy!


Show Index

0:00-3:40 – Intro and welcome

3:40-11:25 – New releases

11:25-12:00 – Commercial Break 1

12:00-1:07:14 – Garage ManaGeR Section

Ben Curry in “American Beauty”  We kind of discuss a bunch of things here. Not just modeling gaming and reading. (What the hell did you expect? We got Ben Curry on the line and we were going to talk to him about whatever he started talking about…)

1:07:14-1:08:14 – Commercial Break 2

1:08:14-2:21:43 – Dark Elf Army review!!!!

After a short discussion of Invasion Kenosha IV and Blood in the Sun 2, we get into the fluff, the Lords and the Heroes (and I use the term Hero loosely) of the Dark Elves.

2:21:43-2:22:33 – Commercial Break 3

2:22:33-2:59:42 – Core and Rare choices

2:59:42-3:00:22 – Commercial Break 4

3:00:22-3:55:48 – Special Choices

3:55:48-3:36:26 – Commercial Break 5

3:36:26-4:14:48 – Gift of Khaine and Magic Items

4:14:18-4:15:22 – Commercial Break 6

4:15:22-4:42:05 – Tactics & twitter questions (and Ben’s lack of respect for his opponents).

4:42:05-4:47:10 – Thanks to Ben, show wrap up and end of show announcement

4:47:10-4:49:06 – After show clip (Warhammer World v. Woodfield Mall GW)


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