Episode 48 – Painting the Bare Minimum Standard for And-epticon


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So here is our coverage of everything we did at Adepticon, or as I like to call it Andepticon (in honor of Andrew Sherman recording all those interviews before and then broadcasting live video 24/7 from both the Fantsasy and 40K rooms and recording all weekend and editing in the evenings and providing many of us with a place to crash in the evenings. Honestly, he’s a great guy and did a great job. Now that Dieter fella…..well, just listen to the Ohiohammer voicemail to hear what people thought of that!


Hope you enjoy!


Show Inde

0:00-5:00 – Intro, welcome and thank our sponsors.

5:00-6:53 – Apology and a Shout out from Edward Carpenter

6:53-9:38 – Ramblings about how much we enjoyed Adepticon and love seeing everyone

9:38-17:19 – News & Rumors – Much discussion about nothing

17:19-17:53 – Commercial Break 1

17:53-35:23 – New Releases – We bought some crap at Adepticon and we talk a little about Monstrous Arcanum

35:23-38:13 – Listener Voice Mail

38:13-38:53 – Commercial Break 2

38:53-1:07:02 – Garage ManaGeR section

1:07:02-1:08:01 – Commercial Braek 3

1:08:01-1:16:35 – Garage ManaGeR section continued

1:16:35-1:34:56 – Adepticon! Talk about what we did leading up to Adepticon and then some of the non-tournament stuff that was there.

1:34:56-1:35:34 – Commercial Break 4

1:35:34-2:12:04 – Adepticon and David’s tournament report (Friday and Saturday) and painting issues

2:12:04-2:12:54 – Commercial Break 5

2:12:54-2:16:10 – Quick mention about Invasion Kenosha IV

2:16:10-2:35:10 – Adepticon Team Tournament Report

2:35:10-2:37:15 – Quick discussion of “Sentinels of the Mulitverse”

2:37:15-2:45:05 – Our favorite parts of Adepticon and our plans for next year

2:45:05-2:48:30 – Show wrap up, end of show announcement and after show bonus clip



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