Episode 47A – For the Empire!


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So this episode is long. Like really long. Like stupid long. Like almost 6 hours. So here’s the first half and the second half will be out tomorrow.

We didn’t plan it this way, so part A just ends and part B just starts without any proper close/restart. Sorry about that. Also, I had a voice mail form Grant about  Blood in the Sun, but something went wonky so that’s going on our next episode.

This was a really bizarre episode. We have the Cranky Lawyer on, and lose Christopher to illness. Then we stop before getting into the meat of the Empire book so as not to lose Christopher’s perspective, and when we get back to recording, Cranky can’t make it. So we start with three hosts, then lose one, then get that one back and lose the other.

Anyway, we talk about “Extra Life” (gaming for charity) that Cranky has joined (and gotten us all on his team). Then we discuss our hobby, and finally get into the Empire book. There’s a lot in the book that we have questions and opinions on, so there’s more talk here than is usual even for us. Some of it might be practical and some of it might turn out to be silly. Either way, there are our first impressions and we hope that you find them interesting and maybe (hopefully) we gave you something to think about that you hadn’t when you first read it.  Finally, sorry about the delay with this episode, but I was getting ready for Adepticon, and when I got back, you can imagine the nightmare that was editing this and making it work. Rest assured, we are planning on having Episode 48 out on the 10th as scheduled.

So…really, you COULD look at this as a bonus extra episode instead of as a really long episode since we could have made the second half of this Episode 48. Right? Right.

You’re welcome.


Hope you enjoy!


Show Index

0:00-4:05 – Intro, welcome and thank our sponsors.

4:05-5:53 – Shout out from Mark Zielinski

5:35-7:20 – A few random announcements from Christopher

7:20-17:32 – News & Rumors

17:32-18:09 – Commercial Break 1

18:09-57:40 – Garage ManaGeR section

Cranky talks about Extra Life. Come join Team Cranky!

Christopher bows out here as he’s too sick to continue recording…so Cranky and I talk about our hobbying. David talks a bit about his practice game for the team tournament with Grant. Breakin’ The Maw!!!!

57:40-1:00:12 – David and Cranky begin discussing the new “How to Paint Citadel Miniatures” book and DVD.

1:00:12-1:00:47 – Commercial Break 2

1:00:47-1:13:50 – We continue talking about “How to Paint Citadel Miniatures.”

1:13:50-1:30:00 – EMPIRE! The cover and the fluff!

1:30:00-2:05:37 – Empire special rules and the imperial armoury

Ok, so I admit that Cranky and I kinda go theory-hammer crazy with these rules, but these rules are one of the things that give the Empire their flavor (and we here at Garagehammer think there may be more here than initially meets the eye). We also find out that David is rather obsessed with Pigeon Bombs.

2:05:37-2:06:27 – Commercial Break 3

2:06:27-3:09:40 – Empire Lords and Heroes!

Christopher is back, but now Cranky is gone…

Before we get to the Lords and Heroes Christopher gets in his ideas about detachments and then David sidetracks into the art from the book for just two minutes. Finally, Lords and Heroes!

3:09:40-3:10:40 – Commercial Break 4  ***Part A ends/Part B begins here!***

3:10:40-4:44:02 – Empire Core and Special

4:44:02-4:44:42 – Commercial Break 5

4:44:42-5:43:45 – Empire Rares and Special Items

5:43:45-5:49:25 – Empire Voicemail questions

5:49:25-5:52:45 – Show wrap up and end of show announcement
So that’s everything. Hope you like it.

The forum will have one thread for both Episodes A and B, as there’s no point in having two separate threads for what is essentially one show.



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