Episode 46 -Talkin’ Some Painting

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Since the “Talkin’ Some ‘Hammer” format of just rambling along met with some decent listener response, we decided to give it another go. In this episode, we are joined by Chris Yu and we all start talking about painting. We had a few notes on topics and styles and whatnot, but really it was just a bunch of phrases that we used as a jumping off point to talk about whatever came up. We kind of decided that most of us don’t need to be told what a brush is or how to start painting, and we just started to jibber jabber about what we do when we paint.

It’s kind of all over the placed and unstructured (even for us) but we stay on topic so at least it’s hobby focused. Hope you enjoy!

Show Index

0:00-4:00 – Intro and Welcome

4:00-8:20 – Shout out from Joel Busta and chit chat

8:20-9:20 – Commercial break 1

9:20-40:04 – News & Rumors

First, David gets accused of being an amazing voice talent, which he vehemently denies. Then they talk about the upcoming Monstrous Arcanum from Forge World. Next, they talk about the upcoming Empire book (which will be out by the time this airs). After that, we discuss the upcoming (out by now) new GW paint line and the preorder Empire models.

40:04-40:41 – Commercial Break 2

40:41-1:11:17 – Garage ManaGeR section

1:11:17-1:12:32 – Commercial Break 3

1:12:32-2:21:19 – Talkin’ some Paintin’ (pt. 1)

2:21:19-2:22:09 – Commercial Break 4

2:22:09-2:37:10 – Talkin’ some Paintin’ (pt 2)

2:37:10-2:38:33 – Show close and wrap up

2:38:33-2:39:50 – End of show announcement and extra clip