Episode 45 – Prepping for Adepticon


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So this episode we cover all the normal stuff and then got to talking about a small Adepticon prep tournament we went to. Simple, I know, but it’s pretty good if you ask me.

Hope you enjoy!


Show Index:

00:00-06:35 – Intro, welcome, sponsors and shout out!

Shout out sponsor: Gordon Sundin (whose shout out to Bryan Steele gets us talking a bit about Bryan and his work)

06:35-7:10 – Commercial Break 1

7:10-27:28 – News and Rumors

Finecast Hellcannon,  New Citadel Glues,  Forge World Warpfire Dragon,  Teaser trailer for “145, ‘”  Tournament Update Section News

27:28-28:26  – Commercial Break 2

28:26-1:02:35 – Brawler Bash V Tournament Discussion

This rules pack was sent to us by Joel Busta. This is an unusual tournament pack (at least as far as what we are used to) so we wanted to chat about it.

 1:02:35-1:03:12 – Commercial Break 3

1:03:12-1:28:20 – Garage ManaGeR Section brought to you by Chaos Orc Superstore

Modeling: Christopher’s Space Wolves for his Hobgoblin Riders

David’s Mortis Engine, Daemonic Construction, Dire Wolves

Reading: Christopher’s Blood Bowl Tactica and music

David’s Battle for the Abyss, Hunger Games (again) and Mechanicum

Gaming: Christopher’s and David’s Blood Bowl and David v. Chris Yu (VC v. HE Adepticon practice)

 1:28:20-1:29:10 – Commercial Break 4

1:29:10-2:02:02 – UGG Adepticon Prep Tourney! Rounds 1 and 2

2:02:02-2:03:23 – Commercial Break 5

2:03:23-2:15:08 – UGG Tourney Round 3

2:15:08-2:34:20 – What we’ve been learning about our armies and possible Adepticon adjustments.

2:34:20-2:37:02 – Show wrap up and close

2:37:02-2:38:00 – After Show Bonus Stuff


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