Episode 44 – Famous Wood Elves and Warrios

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So this episode we revisit our special characters coverage, this time showing tow very different types of characters. First are characters that just didn’t translate over from 7th to 8th edition (Wood Elves) and next are characters that are still viable despite the changes between editions (Warriors of Chaos).

Hope you enjoy!

Show Index

0:00-8:26 – Intro and Welcome.
In an attempt to be a more focused, Warhammer oriented show and not waste time and make the show too long, we start screwing around and fail miserably.  Then after thanking our sponsors, we have to congratulate friend and show sponsor Bryan Steele on some good news!

8:26-9:53 – Commercial Break One

9:53-25:00 – News and Rumors
Forge World stuff, Mantic Warpath 8th army,

25:00-1:19:23 – Garage ManaGeR section brought to you by Chaos Orc Superstore
Christopher was sick so he didn’t get to model or read.  David, in typical feast or famine fashion, builds and primes more models than he has any right to in so short a time. We both talk about a game we got in this week as well as updating our Blood Bowl league. Finally, David has a few thank you shout outs before going to commercial.

1:19:24-1:20:58 – Commercial Break Two

1:20:58-1:52:47 – Wood Elf Special Characters
The thing we realize more than anything from going over these characters, is that they are a prime example of something that simply didn’t translate into 8th Edition Warhammer. Sad really, because these three all have potential.

1:52:47-1:54:08 – Commercial Break Three

1:54:08-2:54:53 – Warriors of Chaos Special Characters
So we found another rare “broken” character (can you guess who?) but we also found out that Warriors have several cool special characters that could be competitive without making your opponent cry. Almost a dozen special characters and they all add interesting fluff and themes to your army… the polar opposite of the Wood Elf characters.

2:54:53-2:57:26 – Talk about next episode and Show close

2:57:26-2:58:37 – End of show announcement and post show clip



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