Episode 43 – Talkin’ Some ‘Hammer

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So this episode we just decided that we wanted to hang out and talk about what we’ve been learning about our armies. So Chris talked a little about Chaos Dwarfs and then we started talking Vampires and Christopher was interested because he started asking questions so then I talked more about them and then we were done. Like about 4 1/2 hours later. Of course, we left the recording going during breaks and all we kept it on the shorter side of 3 hours (and 3:27 and change is good for us!) this night.

I kinda think I rambled on a bit, but if I cut anymore the editing would become more obvious, so I figured “What the hell?” and just put it out without another pruning.

It seemed interesting to us, but this show just illustrates what a night with the two of us hanging out sans microphones is like.


Hope you enjoy!


Show Index

0:00-5:50  Intro and welcome

Shout out sponsored by the Zielinski family

5:50-6:25 – Commerical Break 1

6:25-37:xx – News and Rumors

There really isn’t much announced that’s coming out soon. Mantic has some new stuff and we mention the Empire Rumors that just starts us talking about what we’d like to see and other nonsense. David also gives a shout out to Painting Tabled and Deepstrike Radio.

36:55-37:45 – Commercial Break 2

37:45- 1:51:58 – Garage ManaGeR section

Lots of Modelling talk, a bit of reading (which apparently is going to get David some hate mail, or at least disappointment mail) and then a few games which leads into the stuff we are learning about our new armies.

1:15:58-1:52:35 – Commercial Break 3

1:52:35-2:11:30 – Mighty Empires Campaign Season 3

2:11:30-2:40-13  – The conversation moves from Might Empire hobby gaming to tournament gaming, then into a strange reading tangent (at least it’s the right section) and then David talks about some of the mistakes he’s made with his new VC and a few things he’s learned in the last game.

2:40:13-2:41:12 – Commercial Break 4

2:41:12-3:17:45 – Back and still talking Warhammer

3:17:45-3:19:06 – Commercial Break 5

3:19:06-3:27:10 – End of show stuff and extras



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