Episode 42 – Waaaghpaca! Coverage

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So this epsiode we cover the basics and then it’s the five of us, Christopher, David, Grant, Chris Yu and new guest to the show Ryan Noble talk about Waaaghpaca and what makes it such a fun tournament weekend.


We also talk to Wallie D from Coulee Carnge about his upcoming tournament and how you can help raise money for MS research while enjoying a fantastic tournament.

Website: couleecarnage.blogspot.com click here for info packets, rules, raffle info, etc.

Twitter: @couleecarnage

Facebook: www.facebok.com/groups/333237296716663/


Hope you enjoy!


Show Index

0:00-2:45 Intro and Welcome

2:45-9:41 Shout outs from Matt Teeter and Josh Young
Along with David’s thoughts on some 40K wishes

9:41-10:21 Commercial Break 1

10:21-30:45  News & Rumors

30:45-35:10 Listener Voice Mails and Shout out to Wisco Dice

35:10-35:44 Commerical Break 2

35:44-1:10:40  Garage ManaGeR section
We cover our modeling, we talk a LOT of books, and then we touch on our Blood Bowl league!

1:10:40-1:18:30  Tournament update brought to you by The Circle City Circuit
O.K. I don’t know either. We are just all over the place here….

1:18:30-1:19:05 Commercial Break 3

1:19:05-1:44:00  Interview With Wallie D from Coulee Carnage

1:44:00-1:45:17 Commercial Break 4

1:45:17-2:39:44  Waaaghpaca! Discussion (Saturday)

2:39:44-2:40:44 Commercial Break 5

2:40:44-3:11:00  Waaaghpaca! Discussion (Saturday night and Sunday)

3:11:00-3:42:40  Awards and some discussion of tournament scoring and stuff

3:42:40-3:44:00  Show close and end of show announcement

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