So here is the long awaited Episode 5 of Garagegamer!
Today, we had Bryan Steele with us. He gave us a demo game and, since he is working on the fluff for the company, who better to have on and discuss the game?

Here’s the basic show breakdown without all the “Show Index” stuff from our usual episodes: We have the intro and then we talk about the producers of the game for a few minutes before going into the fluff of the game. (Since that’s the stuff Bryan’s working on…again, who better do talk about it?) We get the background of the world and the origins of the factions. This is good stuff (so good even Christopher was hooked!) and it’s a fun listen. We take a break around the 57 minute mark (57:15-57:45) and when we come back we start discussing game mechanics. Setup. The basic turn. Victory conditions. The D20 system employed by the game. Basically everything.

After that, we announce the winner of the “Dwarf King’s Hold” contest that we announced on the previous Garagegamer (yes, we know it was forever ago) and wrap up the show at about 2 hours 3 minutes.

Hope you enjoy this one. Dark Age is a cool game and with a $20 core rule book and starter faction boxes between $35 and $55 it’s easy to get started and give the game a go.