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So this episode we totally failed to keep the show close to 3 hours, and yes that has been our goal. Hopefully you “short episoders” won’t abandon us for it, as I think we have a really fun episode here, full of interesting news (both for the hobby and the show!), some funny parts, new commercials (oh boy!) and enough Vampire Counts talk to fill well over 1 1/2 episodes of those “normal length” podcasts.

Seriously though, we talk a bunch about new stuff, then get into a discussion about painting paralysis (or burnout). We cover some upcoming tournaments and then settle down to discuss this new book and what we think. (I know, it’s a lot of theory-hammer, but is that so bad? You know you sit around having these same discussions in your garages and basements!)

For those of you who feel annoyed that we don’t have any “hard facts for hard lists” type stuff, don’t worry. This is going to be all David does with Warhammer until Adepticon, so after that we will revisit Sylvania and get a more educated look at the VC and their minions.

Oh, and I couldn’t resist dropping in a bit of music and other goodies. Hope you like them. What can I say? I friggin’ love Vampires!

Hope you enjoy!


Show Index

0:00-3:20 Intro and welcome

3:20-5:50 Shout out sponsor!

5:50-6:50 Commercial Break 1
News and Rumors – Forge world stuff, Chaos Dwarfs FAQ, new podcasts, correcting Andy’s corrections, a birthday greeting and voicemail!

35:46-37:02 Commercial Break 2

37:02-1:08:06 Garage ManaGeR Section brought to you by Chaos Orc Superstore
Chris has been building a lot of stuff, David has been contemplating painting suicide.
Chris has been reading about chefs, and David has been reading about space marines.
Chris got in a game, but David has been rather unsuccessful in getting a game in.

1:08:06-1:08:56 Commercial Break 3

1:08:56-1:17:25 Tournament Update brought to you by the Circle City Circuit!

1:17:25-1:18:43 Commercial Break 4

1:18:43-2:22:09 Vampire Counts!
First, fluff! How has it changed/expanded?
Next, special army rules and a few things that may require an FAQ.
Lords, heroes, core and special units.

2:22:09-2:26:20 Musical Interlude 1

2:26:20-3:14:15 Vampire Counts continues!
Crypt Horrors v Vargheists Who is stronger? More durable? Can you bring them back quick enough?
Rare choices
Black Knights v Hex Wraiths
The Mortis Engine

3:14:15-3:16:11 Musical Interlude 2

3:16:11-4:41:45 Vampire Counts still going on!
Lore of the Vampires!
Vampiric Powers and VC magic items.
Point costs and point levels
Synergy, combos and other ideas for possible lists.
Q&A from listeners

4:41:45-4:44:00 Show wrap up and close

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