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So Christopher and I chat about about the upcoming VC book, and our usual Garage ManaGeR stuff before getting into the meat of this episode. So what’s happening? Christmas is happening, that’s what!We may be into 2012, but we are bringing gifts to the various armies of the Warhammer world as we look over the army books and decide what we would do if we were able to “tweak” each book.

Hope you enjoy!


Show index:

0:00-3:52 Intro and Welcome!

3:52-4:29 New Sponsor’s Commercial! (and it’s better than the ones we’ve done….)

4:29-39:37 Shout out from Peter McLellan (Pop Daddy) followed by News and Rumors

We chat a bit about the upcoming VC and what we’ve heard as it relates to the newest pre-orders up on the GW site. David talks a bit about movies…and then has one of his rants about “pre-release haters.”

39:37 – 40:27 Commercial Break 2

40:27- 52:37 The Garage ManaGeR section pt 1. Christopher’s Modeling, gaming and reading

52:37-53:57 Commercial Break 3

53:57-1:20:55 The Garage ManaGeR section part 2 – David’s Modeling, gaming and reading

1:20:55-1:22:00 Commercial Break 4

1::22:00-1:25:45 Amazingly Truncated Tournament Scene Update brought to you by Circle City Circuit!

1:25:45-2:06:20 Gifts to the armies of the Warhammer World, pt 1.  Beasts, Brets, CD, DoC, and DE

2:06:20-2:07:20  Commercial Break 5

2:07:20-2:45:11 Gifts to the armies of the Warhammer World, pt 2. Dwarfs, Empire, HE, Lizards, OK

2:45:11- 2:46:33 Commercial Break 6

2:46:33 – 3:30:50 Gifts to the armies of the Warhammer World, pt 3. O&G, Skaven, TK, VC, WoC, WE

3:30:50-3:33:00 Show Close and End of Show Announcement
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