Episode 39 – Best & Worst of 2011

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So Chris Yu and Grant Fetter join us this Episode as we talk about a bunch of hobby stuff, some gaming, new FAQs and our thoughts on the best GW releases (and the worst) of 2011. We have some fun as we haven’t gotten together will all four of us for the whole show in a while, so sit back and enjoy the hobby, the tangents and the fun of the last episode of 2011.

Also, after the end of the episode, because so many people are asking for it (though I can’t figure out why), we included some of the stuff that wound up on the cutting room floor.

Hope you enjoy!


Show index:

0:00-4:15 Intro and Welcome!

4:15-19:06 News and Rumors

19:06-20:26 Commercial Break 1

20:26-28:37 A question about our old power ranking contest

28:37-1:00:37 The Garage ManaGeR Section brought to you by Chaos Orc Superstore part 1 – Modeling!

1:00:37-1:01:27 Commercial Break 2

1:01:27-1:44:12 The Garage ManaGeR Section part 2 – Reading and Gaming!

This becomes a rather long discussion about Christopher and Grant’s DE v OK game. They both had an odd game and apparently learned a lot and Christopher is so disturbed by the Hellheart that he makes a bold prediction about the future of the tournament scene.

1:44:12-1:45:32 Commercial Break 3

1:45:32-1:47:54 Musical Interlude!

1:47:54-2:02:25 Tournament Scene Update brought to you by Circle City Circuit!
Tournament updates, Blood in the Sun update, and more on how David has some stupid students.

2:02:25-2:31:20 FAQ Updates for Ogres, Tomb Kings and Skaven

2:31:20-2:32:25 Commercial Break 4

2:32:25-3:09:02 Our choices for the 3 worst things from GW for the year 2011

3:09:02-3:10:00 Commercial Break 5

3:10:00-3:35:00 Our choices for the 3 best things from GW for the year 2011

3:35:00-3:38:50 Game Preserve 50 Best & Worst Contest Winner

3:38:50-3:40:58 Show Close and End of Show Announcement

3:40:58-3:42:45 After Show Clips (Spam is Crazy Tasty)


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