Episode 38 – Tamurkhan

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So here we tackle the second half of “Tamurkhan: The Throne of Chaos” as well as the Chaos and Empire Bestiaries. Before that we talk about all the new releases from GW. Of Course, in the rumors section we start talking about the next (possible) army book and start wishlisting. We also have the local tournament updates as well as a short segment from The Phoenix Prince! So sit back and enjoy this one, because our whole “We are trying to keep the show under 4 hours,” thing just didn’t happen with all that tamurkhan goodness.

Also, after the end of the episode, because so many people are asking for it (though I can’t figure out why), we included some of the stuff that wound up on the cutting room floor.

WARNING! We go over the second half of the story of Tamurkhan in complete detail. If you are planning on reading the story of Tamurkhan on your own you really need to consider skipping over this part! We cover the first three of the six chapters in the Tamurkhan story. TOTAL SPOILERS!!!

Hope you enjoy!


Show index:

0:00-1:50 – Intro and Welcome

1:50-32:30 – News and rumors

New models and holiday bundles from GW and some talk about VC book rumors

32:30-33:48 – Commercial Break 1

33:48-51:24 – Hello to Daniel and the Proper Thank you to the people who donated to Christopher’s Chaos Dwarfs. Then two more shout outs for the Replace Christopher Contest.

From John Doherty and Miel Vermeulen

51:24-1:34:11 – Garage ManaGeR section brought to you by Chaos Orc Superstore

David and Christopher still haven’t fulfilled their hobby commitments, but David has taken a different hobby commitment by necessity. David talks about The Red Duke and watches a show about the cuisine of Maine. Then David played his Dwarfs against his friends VC.

1:34:11-1:35:27 – Commercial Break 2

1: 35:27-1:41:47 – Tournament Update brought to you by the Circle City Circuit

Also, an entry for Replace Topher in 2012 by Lizardmen Jeff!

1:41:47-1:46:05 – The Phoenix Prince has a few words to say about Christmas

1:46:05-2:15:16 – Tamurkhan! Chapters 4 & 5

2:15:16-2:16:16 – Commercial 3

2:16:16-2:54:06 – Tamurkhan Chapter 6

2:54:06-2:54:56 – Commercial 4

2:54:56-3:01:45 – Campaign Special Rules and interesting story driven campaign bits

3:01:45-3:34:55 – The Forces of Chaos! (and a small pronunciation lesson/taunt for our good friends at Ohiohammer!)

3:34:55-4:13:50 – The Forces of the Empire! And final thoughts on Tamurkhan and why Daivd likes story Campaigns.

4:13:50-4:19:15 – Show wrap up!

4:19:15-4:23:20 – After show clips


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