Episode 37 – Christopher’s Birthday Bonanza and Tamurkhan

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So it’s almost Christopher’s birthday and David has some surprises in store for him. In between that silliness we discuss Tamurkhan.

WARNING! We go over the story of Tamurkhan (well, the first 1/2 anyway) in complete detail. If you are planning on reading the story of Tamurkhan on your own you really need to consider skipping over this part! We cover the first three of the six chapters in the Tamurkhan story. TOTAL SPOILERS!!!

We then move on to discuss the newest official GW army list, the Choas Dwarfs. We cover every model, option, and item (except all the rules for the siege giant. We just cover a few of the cool things and leave the “standard” giant stuff behind).

We hope you enjoy this, next Episode we will finish the story, go through the Chaos and Empire units you can add to your existing books, cover the scenarios and CHristopher will probably revisit Chaos Dwarfs with a look at how he’d go about building his army (theoretically).

Hope you enjoy!


Show index:

0:00-2:21 Intro and welcome

2:21- 11:00   News and Rumors – Warpath, Necrons, more Forge World and a bunch of December GW releases.

11:00-12:40 – Shout out from the Zielinskis

12:40-14:00 – Commercial  Break 1

14:00-30:20 – Garage ManaGeR section brought to you by Chaos Orc Superstore

30:20-36:33– Tournament update brought to you by The Circle City Circuit

36:33-37:53 – Commercial Break 2

37:53-40:50 – Shout out from Andy Sherman and Ohiohammer!

40:50-1:33:25 – Tamurkhan Chapters 1 and 2 (SPOILERS!)

1:33:25-1:34:30 – Commercial Break 3

1:34:30-1:50:00 – Christopher’s Birthday Bonanza

1:50:00-2:11:54 – Tamurkhan Chapter 3 (SPOILERS!)

2:11:54-2:12:54 – Commercial Break 4

2:12:54-3:19:29 – New Official Chaos Dwarf army list – We cover the list A-Z. Next episode we will talk about the various possible builds.

3:19:29-3:20-19 – Commercial Break 5

3:20:19-4:23:30 – New Offical Chaos Dwarf army list continued!

4:23:03-4:29:35 – Preview of next episode and show close

4:29:35-4:31:08 – End of show silliness


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