Episode 36 – A Fat Robot is Going to Adepticon

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So this episode we wanted to talk about how we prep for tournaments. Of course, we don’t go to many tournaments, so we recruited some friends. That wound up becoming a whole different conversation for most of the show. We discuss a bunch of upcoming tournaments and we go over the Adepticon paint score rubric because it seems like a pretty good example of a straightforward rubric with very little room for “interpretation.”

Anyway, here’s the episode, and thanks to Grant, Chris and Jeff for coming on and being a part of the show.


Also, don’t forget that next episode is the Barnette Brithday Bash, where we begin to cover Tamurkhan, which is just about the best present GW could have given to Christopher. So, if you want to give a shout-out for Christopher’s birthday, here’s your chance.


Hope you enjoy!


Show index:

00:00-04:25 Intro and welcome

04:25-20:40  News and Rumors

There ain’t much! Tamurkhan is shipping and Necrons are out. Warpath is on the way.

We also talk a bit about what the next book might be.

20:40-21:59  Commercial Break 1

21:59-30:45  Shout outs from Ryan Taylor and Jamie Searle

And we also talk about any possible shout outs for Christopher’s Brithday episode.

30:45-1:27:39  Garage ManaGeR Section brought to you by Chaos Orc Superstore

We all talk about our modeling, a bit of reading about Harry Dresden form Lizardmen Jeff, and David’s continuing journey through the Horus Heresy. We also get a cool insight into Grant’s time working at GW and his NOT wanting to read the Black Library books.

We then get into games. Unfortunately, only Grant and David had a game, both of them against Chris Yu (who isn’t here yet!) and his Badonkadonk list.

1:27:39-1:28:44  Commercial Break 2

1:28:44-1:48:23  Tournament update brought to you by the circle city circuit!

1:48:23-1:49:21  Commercial Break 3

1:49:21- 2:05:15  Adepticon!

2:05:15-2:05:25  Pause for station identification

2:05:25-2:28:46  Adepticon Painting Rubric

2:28:46-2:29:36  Commercial Break 4

2:29:36-3:12:17  What do we do to prepare for a tournament? If you’re an old hat at going to tourneys, this may seem obvious, but we’ve been asked to address this topic and we give it our best shot (considering that Christopher and I don’t go to that many tournaments).

3:12:17-3:13:37  Commercial Break 5

3:13:37-3:20:23  Tourney prep wrap up and a plea to non-tourney players to give tournaments a try.

3:20:23-3:27:24  New Contest announced and show wrap up.