Episode 35 – Dark Elves, Dwarfs, and Disney World!

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Shout out Sponsor – Andrew Sherman

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So this was supposed to be a quick episode about Harrison’s and my time at the Unique Gifts & Games 2400 pt tourney. Unfortunately, Harrison and I were the only two who showed up.  So we needed to discuss other things. SO we talked about our hobby and our games and stuff. Then we decided to cover the special characters from both the Dark Elves and the Dwarfs.

Also, we are caught up on shout outs, so if you have one for next episode, there is space for you.


Hope you enjoy!


Show index:

0:00-2:50 – Intro & Welcome

2:50-13:50 – Shout out from Andrew “I just can’t figure out why BS shooting is good” Sherman for the “Replace Christopher in 2012” contest. There’s also a bit of listener email.

13:50-30:20 – News and Rumors

30:20-31:40 – Commercial Break 1

31:40-42:28 – Garage ManaGeR section brought to you by Chaos Orc Superstore!

42:28-43:38 – Commercial Break 2

43:38-59:00 – Garage ManaGeR section brought to you by Chaos Orc Superstore! (cont’d)

59:00-1:28:58 – David’s and Christopher’s Battle Reports

1:28:58-1:30:00 – Commercial Break 3

1:30:00-1:42:12 – Tournament Update brought to you by The Circle City Circuit

(I screwed up and didn’t get the update in time. There will be MUCH more on the CCC in episode 36!)

1:42:12-1:43:12 – Commercial Break 4

1:43:12-2:58:00 – Dark Elf Special Characters Review

2:58:00-2:58:50 – Commercial Break 5

2:58:50-3:23:55 – Dwarf Special Characters Review

3:23:55-3:29:20 – Game Preserve 50 “Name that Team” contest

3:29:20-3:34:00 – End of show wrap up and after show clips


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