Episode 34 – Yo yo yo! It’s Garriagehammer!

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So we wanted to focus this episode on getting ready for a tournament. While we were planning it, the discussion turned to preparing a legal list according to the composition rules. Since we don’t have a lot of comp at the tournaments here in the Midwest, we recruited a couple of experts on the subject. We honestly expected our guests to have maybe an hour tops to talk to us (have you guessed who they are yet?) but it seems they were happy to talk to us, and you all know we have no problem talking Warhammer…so the one hour call turned into about two hours and fifteen minutes.  Of course, this wound up making the rest of our tournament prep talk plan get shelved for a future episode.

First, let me apologize for the sound quality during the skype interview. I cleaned it up as best I could, but we are still new at the skype call thing and Daniel is going to need to make some adjustments for us (plus, skype-ing from six time zones away can impact the sound quality from what I’m told…). So anyway, the sound quality wasn’t the best, but I think the content makes up for it. I hope you do as well.

Anyway, we covered the basics and Christopher and I discuss our game, then Chris Yu talks about his time at the final Core Competence tournament. After that, we added in our skype call about comp, then it’s back for the tournament update and a few listener emails.

Again, thanks to Dan and Wayne for spending their Saturday evening with us, and thanks as always to Chris Yu for coming on and keeping us on target. Hope you enjoy!


Show index:

00:00-01:50 Intro & Welcome Chris Yu joins me in the “Dual Layer Podcasting”

01:50-06:40 Shout out from Robert Elmer for the “Find David a New Co-Host in 2012.”

Christopher also thanks a few people who have been donating to his army.

06:40-18:40 News & Rumors

18:40-19:45 Commercial Break 1

19:45-49:15 Garage ManaGeR section (part 1) brought to you by Chaos Orc superstore

49:15-50:15 Commercial Break 2

50:15-55:15 Tournament Update brought to you by Circle City Circuit

Also, the Name David and Grant’s Team for Adepticon Team Tournament Contest info

55:15-1:44:05 Garage ManaGeR section (part 2)

Christopher and David’s first gave in forever, then Chris Yu talks Core Comp

1:44:051:45:20 Commercial Break 3

1:45:20-3:54:12 Discussion of Comp with Wayne Kemp and Dan Heelan

3:54:12-3:55:02 Commercial Break 4

3:55:02-4:08:50 The Phoenix Prince Segment with introduction by The Master Engineer

4:08:50-4:10:12 Commercial Break 5

4:10:12-4:18:20 Listener Email

People are STILL writing in about painting scores in tournaments

4:18:20-4:21:55 End of show wrap up


Finally, Congratulatoins to the Yu family on the upcoming addition to their family!


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