Episode 33 – Garagehammer’s Sexy Gap

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So Dreadfleet was announced just this morning (at the time we recorded this) so we talk about that and a few other bits of news before discussing a few games against the Ogre Kingdoms. Then Christopher starts talking about his work Listhammering. After that we discuss the special characters from both the Vampire Counts and Bretonnian Army Books. We wrap up the show with our tournament scene update and a few contest updates. Hope you enjoy!


Show index:

00:00-06:22 Intro & Welcome (where Christopher informs us that he wants to be loved to death by Slaaneshi Daemons!)

06:22-28:45 News & Rumors

– Dreadfleet, Malifaux Twisting Fates, Mantic’s Warpath, Tamurkhan

28:45-30:05 Commercial Break 1

30:05-1:03:03 Garage ManaGeR section brought to you by Chaos Orc superstore

Christopher hasn’t been able to do any hobbying. David is still basing and priming (and finished Nagash Immortal). Grant is magnetizing bases and sculpting breasts. We also discuss the Great Maw as described in the new Ogre fluff.

1:03:03-1:04:23 Commercial Break 2

1:04:23-1:33:37 Grant’s plays his Warriors against Ogre Kingdoms and Teclis’s High Elves.

1:33:37-1:34:27  Commercial Break 3

1:34:27-1:48:00 David discovers that all core VC sucks against Ogres!

1:48:00-2:20:47 Chrstopher talks about his approach to list building as he attempts to come up with an “internet list” alternative BEFORE painting and building new models.

2:20:47-2:21:17 Quick bumper break

2:21:17-3:10:10 Vampire Counts and Bretonnian special characters

3:10:19-3:11:19 Commercial Break 4

3:11:19-3:17:36 Tournament Scene Update

3:17:36-3:21:00 Contest Updates and End of show wrap up (plus end clip)


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