Episode 32 – Ogres Devour Anything (Except Chuckles)

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So this episode starts with a lack. Lack of any new news and rumors, and a lack of us getting anything done hobby-wise. Of course, this doesn’t make anything any shorter. (It’s us.)

We have a longer than usual tournament update section. This episode we have an interview with Jeff Creasser from the Circle City Circuit. We also spend some time discussing the “old school GT” rules pack for the Southern Assault Warhammer Fantasy GT, as well as giving info on several other upcoming tournaments.

From there it’s on to OGRES! Yep, the book just came out and we are giving out first impressions of everything from fluff to special characters. Hope you enjoy!


Show index:

00:00-02:55 Intro & Welcome

02:55-15:47 News & Rumors

15:47-20:51 Shout outs and why Christopher doesn’t want a smart phone

20:51-25:26 Christopher comments on The Cranky Lawyer’s contest

25:26-26:46 Commercial Break 1

26:46-1:02:31 Garage ManaGeR section brought to you by Chaos Orc superstore

We talk about our plans, because we haven’t done much. There’s also a little Warhammer:Invasion talk in here too.

1:02:31-1:03:51 Commercial Break 2

1:03:51-1:05:45 Grant’s 2 stone throwers can’t kill 1 Mangler Squig

1:05:45-1:36:06 Tournament Scene Update

1:06:03 – Interview with Jeff Creasser from The Circle City Circuit

1:19:55 – Core Competency Sept. 24-25, Southern Assault GT Oct. 1-2 and Capital City Games Tourney Oct. 15

1:36:06-1:36:56 Commercial Break 3

1:36:56-2:47:13 Ogres! (part 1)

1:36:56 – Initial thoughts and some fluff

1:40:58 – Army special rules

1:47:00 – Firebellies and Hunters

1:51:10 – Leadbelchers, Maneaters and Mournfang Cavalry

2:00:05 – Yhettis, Gorgers and Giants

2:04:55 – Gnoblars

2:10:35 – Scraplaunchers and Ironblasters

2:15:15 – Shuffling the Slots

2:17:39 – Stonehorn & Thundertusk

2:26:35 – Special Characters

2:36:00 – Lore of the Great Maw

2:47:12-2:48:12 Commercial Break 4

2:48:12-3:17:30 Ogres! (part 2)

Big Names and Special Items

3:17:30-3:33:50 Chris Yu discusses his game with an all Night Goblin army against Grant’s Ogres and then discusses the “deployment war.”

3:33:50-3:37:45 The new Game Preserve 50 Contest (with more Ogre modelling ideas and fluff)

3:37:45-3:41:20 End of show wrap up


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