Episode 31 – Isn’t that Special?

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So this episode starts with a bit of a rant about White Dwarf, and then goes into the Orge Kingdoms pre-order.  We move on to a few rules questions from listeners and then revisit the tournament painting score idea that David Came up with last episode and everybody hates.  After that, we begin the first in a series of segments looking at special characters.  Since so many tournaments are starting to allow them, we decided to go book by book and discuss them. Are they fluffy, balanced or broken is the main question, but as usual, we give each character the Garagehammer treatment (meaning we go into more detail than you’re bound to get anywhere else).


Show index:

00:00-01:39 Intro & Welcome

01:39-03:42 Christopher Bashing

03:42-0X:XX News & Rumors

04:30-13:00 White Dwarf and New Release Announcements

13:00-35:28 Ogre Preorders

35:28-41:35 Big Monsterhammer

41:35-51:54 Shout Outs!

Shout outs from Rob Elmer (Core Comp) and The Cranky Lawyer (the find a replacement for Christopher contest). Then, Christopher explains the problem with Maine.

51:54-53:13 Commercial Break 1

53:13-1:40:58 Chaos Orc Superstore presents the Garage ManaGeR section

David is working on his VC, Christopher is looking for inspiration to paint DE, and David has two games to report on.

1:40:58-1:42:17 Commercial Break 2

1:42:17-1:49:45 Questions about Charges, Champions, and something about how Cranky is evil or something.

1:49:45-2:08:38 David’s bad idea for tournament painting scores

2:08:38-2:09:38 Commercial Break 3

2:09:38-2:21:36 Tournament Update brought to you by The Circle City Circuit

Shout out from Jerry from the Kobra Kai for Southern Assault WHFB GT

2:21:36-2:22:26 Commercial Break 4

2:22:26-3:34:50 Discussion of 2 sets of Special Characters

2:26:35-3:04:45 Beastmen

3:04:45-3:34:50 Tomb Kings

3:34:50-3:35:18 Break 5

3:35:18-3:41:00 Winner of the King David Contest

3:41:00-3:44:05 Dice Bags and Magic Deck Bags

3:44:05-3:44:30 Tegnus is starting a Terrain store

3:44:30-3:45:46 End of show wrap up


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