Episode 30 – White Primer for the Uninspired

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So this episode sees a new guest on the show, our friend (and former student of David’s) Brad Paschall. We spend a lot of time talking about the new Ogre models and a few rumors, as well as our thoughts on the new Vampire Counts models. We move on to discussions about Nagash and the Liber Necris, followed by a few battle reports including Brad’s first game of 8th Edition Warhammer!

We then get into David’s ideas about possible ways to score painting in tournaments, followed by a discussion of 8th Edition a year into it’s release.

Man, a whole year has passed? Weird.


Show index:

00:00-03:00 Intro & Welcome

03:00-04:00 Sangwiches and Betting Heavy to Win Heavy

04:00-07:50 Brad’s intro (providing his Gamer Cred)

07:50-09:03 Shout out – Greg Person and Painting Tabled

09:03-38:15 News & Rumors – Ogre rumors and model pics, Vampire Count New releases, more Tamurkhan info

38:15-39:05 Commercial Break 1

39:05-1:06:00 Garage ManaGeR section (brought to you by Chaos Orc Superstore) We cover our Modelling and Reading, with our book discussion covering Nagash and other Vampire-y stuff

1:06:00-1:07:20  Commercial Break 2

1:07:20-1:53:33 Garage ManaGeR continues with several battle reports.

1:53:33-1:54:33  Commercial Break 3

1:54:33-1:59-20 Tournament scene update brought to you by Circle City Circuit and Circle City Gamers

1:59:20-2:28:51 David attempts to “balance” painting soft scores

2:28:51-2:30:10 Commerical Break 4

2:30:10-2:52:24 David & Chris in the car on the way home from Games Day 2011 after getting some McDonald’s

2:52:24-3:42:30  Some 8th Edition one year anniversary talk. (If anyone has something they wanted to hear discussed that we missed, please either send David a message on the forums or send us an email and we might cover it in Episode 31!

3:42:30-3:44:40 Show wrap up

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