Episode 29 – Invasion Kenosha III

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So this episode was recorded about an hour after finishing up Invasion Kenosha III. I will admit we were a bit wiped out, but we wanted to get this recorded and talk about the great time we had that day.  Since the tournament itself is pretty much our topic, this episode is short. For us. Compared to the other podcasts, this episode is pretty much normal length.


Anyway, we want to thank John Gaszak for hosting such a wonderful event.


Show index:

00:00-02:30 Intro & Sponsors

2:30-7:40 News & Rumors

7:40-20:55 Garage ManaGeR section (brought to you by Chaos Orc Superstore) Here is where we talk about our Modelling and Reading.

20:55-21:45  Commercial Break 1

21:45-23:50 Christopher and new music channels created from dance music

23:50-33:10  Tournament scene updates. Lots of new info about upcoming tournaments.

33:10-38:56 A letter from a listener.

38:56-39:46 Commercial Break 2

39:46-1:53:58 Invasion Kenosha III

39:46-1:05:50 Our lists, the scenarios and the first round of the tourney,

1:05:50-1:06:40 Commercial break 3

1:06:40-1:53:58 Rounds 2 and 3 of the tourney plus recap and the rather amazing prize list for this tourney.

1:53:58-1:54:58 Commerical Break 4

1:54:58-1:57:25 King David Contest Info and my odd speech patters

1:57:25-2:13:00 Final thoughts, Christopher’s inability to resist insulting people, and other end of show junk including asking for listener help with the next episode. Final clips.


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