Episode 28 – Blood and Bleeps

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So here’s Episode 28 and The promised coverage from Blood in the Sun!

So this episode sort of flit around between talking about Storm of Magic (which came out the day we were recording) and BitS. A few of the topics get a double dip between the two different days we were recording, and to be honest I just didn’t have the extra time it would take to go through both recordings and make sure to trim every time we repeated something.

We have several guests on the show today. They are (in order of appearance) Chris Yu, Grant Fetter, Robert Elmer, Brad Schwandt, Johnny Hastings and Joe Rogers.

Thanks to each and every person who came on the show, and to those who wanted to come on but didn’t get a chance with our time limits. Also thanks to The Cranky Lawyer who never made it on the show even though he should have been. It was great to meet you, Cranky, and it was great hanging out.

Show index:

0:00-4:17 – Intro, sponsors and shout out!

0:4:17-0:27:36 – We talk a bit about the Storm of Magic, even though we’ve only read just a little bit of it. Also, new Forge World Chaos Dwarf stuff and Lizardmen and Tomb King FAQs.

0:27:36-0:28:36 – Commercial Break 1

0:28:36-0:44:03 – Garage ManaGeR part 1. Christopher finishes his army for BitS. David starts painting his army for Invasion Kenosha III (100+ models in under two weeks) and also talks about the new finecast models he got.

0:44:03-0:45:03 – Commercial Break 2

0:45:03-3:42:47 – BitS coverage!

0:45:03-0:46:23 Welcome Grant Fetter and Chris Yu to the show before playing the Saturday night recordings and then coming back to them for wrap up.

0:46:23-1:14:08 – Saturday night BitS coverage with Grant and Chris Yu discussing how it’s going on the first night of their first official tournament!

1:14:08-1:19:17 – Robert Elmer (Swissdictator) comes on and discusses his games and plugs his upcoming tournament.

1:19:17-1:50:15 – Brad Schwandt (Rhellion ) comes on and he and Christopher discuss their games.

1:50:15-2:04:02 – Johnny Hastings from Pointhammered comes on and, despite the bleeping (which was surprisingly less than we expected) he talks about his games and anything else we can get him to talk about.

2:04:02-2:23:22 – Hastings is still with us, and Joe Rogers jumps in and chats with us for a bit. We talk over some of the things we read in Storm of Magic (it just came out the same day so they were playing in BitS and I was reading it and we talked about it). And you can’t talk to HPS without discussing what they are building and painting…Orctonnians!

2:23:22-3:16:05 – Back to the Crypt on the Monday night after BitS with Grant and Chris Yu. We spend some time discussing the winners and everyone’s thoughts after the tournament. There is a good discussion about what went right and what tweaks may happen for next year. A good discussion with the guys after they run their first big tournament.

3:16:04-3:17:24 – Commercial break 3

3:17:24-3:42:47 – Grant had to leave, but David and the pair of Chrises discuss Christopher’s games.

3:42:47-3:44:07 – Commercial Break 4

3:44:37-3:57:00 – Finally, we cover the Tournament Update section and announce the winner of the Kaiser Christopher contest.

3:57:00-3:59:22 – End of show and after show clips.


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