Episode 27 – Bretonnian Army Review

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So here’s Episode 27, and it’s only 3 days late! Considering that’s going to be the norm for the next 2-4 episodes, we are right on schedule!  We plan to be back on our normal schedule after the July tourney madness!

So this episode we cover our usual topics and then dive into Bretonnia! The army with only 4 characters and 10 units to choose from, so we manage to cover it all in a bit over 2 hours! Of course, there also a bunch about Storm of Magic releases, our gaming, upcoming tournaments and some after show silliness!

Show index:

0:00:00-0:11:35 – Intro, welcome, shout-out and other info we need to discuss.

0:11:35-0:26:04 – News & Rumors: Mostly this is what’s coming out for Storm of Magic

0:26:04-0:27:23 – Commercial Break One

0:27:23-1:14:11 – Garage ManaGeR section

1:14:11-1:15:31 – Commercial Break Two

1:15:31-1:18:20 – A short bit about the Phoenix Prince (who ain’t here today)

1:18:20-1:29:00 – Tournament Scene Update

Lots of updates on several tournaments including some info about BitS going global via the internet

1:29:00-1:32:57 – The war between Christopher and The Crank Lawyer spills over into other podcasts and Christopher plans the sabotage of Cranky’s trip.

1:32:57-1:33:57 – Commercial Break Three

Brettonian army review! – (1:33:57 to 3:56:00)

1:33:57-1:51:50 – Fluff!

1:51:50-2:01:30 – Special Rules!

2:01:30-3:04:35 The 4 characters and 10 big units of the Brets!

3:04:37-3:05:27 Fourth Commercial Break (UGG)

3:05:27-3:37:20 Virtues and Special Items

3:37:20-3:41:25 How to deal with Brets across the field

3:41:25-3:51:55 Twitter Questions about Bretonnians

3:51:55-3:53:10 Game Preserve 50 Contest update

3:53:10-3:56:00 Show wrap up

3:56:00-4:01:14 Post show bonus stuff that you just don’t want to miss! (Well, you might want to miss it. We don’t sing well although it does get a bit silly and you might laugh.)


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