So here is Episode 2 of Garagegamer and in it we try to tackle the basics of Malifaux.

This episode is longer than Episode 1, mainly because David probably goes into too much detail. Thank goodness Christopher is there to keep everything on track with good summations and focused questions.

So here’s what the episode entails:

0:00:00-0:01:30 Intro and Howdy

0:01:30-0:20:45 The history of Malifaux (fluff)

0:20:45-0:43:30 The politics and policies of Malifaux (factions)

0:43:30-0:58:10 Setups, strategies and schemes

I’m  totally sorry if this gets convoluted. I tried so hard to be clear, but I wanted to make it clear what “proper” setup was as opposed to getting it a “quick setup” pickup game. Then we get into  strategies and schemes, which are the ways in which you score victory points and win the game.

0:58:10-0:58:20 Break

0:58:20-1:03:40 The Malifaux card deck, soulstones and character activation

1:03:40-1:07:00 Character stats

1:07:00-1:11:30 Examples of combat and the card mechanic

Here we cover how the card flip works and how the suit on the cards (or stats) also affect your actions.

1:11:30-1:18:42 Cheating fate and using soulstones

1:18:42-1:23:50  Twists of fate (positive and negative)

1:23:50-1:25:30 Ice cream sandwiches and “TV Party!”

This has nothing to do with Malifaux, but since when don’t we go off on a tangent?

1:25:30-1:32:30 Back to Malifaux! The intimidation of the character card, triggers and crew/ability synergy

1:32:30-1:34:15 The old west, Victorian Steampunk, Undead Hookers, and Porcine-riding Swamp Gremlins

1:34:15-1:42:05 What you need to buy to get started

1:42:05-1:48:02 How the game ends, true skirmish level and some loose ends

1:48:02-1:52:10 Wrapup, David’s accent and show close


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