Episode 25 – Summer Preview?

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So here’s Episode 25, about a week late. Sorry, but the end of the school year makes for some crazy schedules.  Speaking of which, Episode 26/27 are due out June 10/24, but we will be recording them on those days, so they will be a few days behind, but July should see us getting back on schedule.

So what are we doing this Episode? We tried to have a game night with constant battle reports and games in the background, but it didn’t quite happen that way. What wound up happening was, most of our gaming group was there and we all started talking about what we are doing lately. Seeing as before we were all rather focused on our Mighty Empires Campaign, that was pretty much the stock answer. Now that the final games of the campaign have been played and our next Campaign won’t start up again until the end of July, everyone wanted to talk about whatever they were pulling off the back burner. Summer is coming and most of NW2 have summer hobby plans.

So what does this mean for the show? Well, there is the typical “news and rumors,” and there are some “immediately after the game” battle reports, but then it kind of becomes a bunch of hobby talk. It’s kind of like a Pointhammered paint night, but without all the painting. Anyway, The last hour and a half or so was recorded later at the Crypt and that’s the closest thing to an actual topic that you are going to find. Anyway, I left most of this Episode intact because as I listened, there wasn’t any dead or useless air. The topic just meanders all around the hobby and, in my humble opinion, made for an interesting slice of the overall hobby in our group.

And stay tuned after the episode for more silliness.

0:00:00-0:02:50 – Intro, welcome and shout-out

0:02:50-0:33:23 – News & Rumors: Garagehammer news, Forge World, Citadel Finecast, Prices and Proxies

0:33:23-0:34:23 – Commercial Break One

0:34:23-1:13:05 – Garage ManaGeR section (joined by Grant Fetter and Chris Yu)

1:13:05-1:14:23 – Commercial Break Two

1:14:24-2:03:33 – Gaming Talk

2:03:33-2:04:48 – Commercial Break 3

2:04:48-2:33:05 – Last Campaign Battle for Tom and Taz (Empire v Dark Elves)

2:33:05-2:33:25 – Bumper Break

2:33:25-3:08:11 –  The Phoenix Prince – Master Engineer, Trip to England and Warhammer World! Also, a Battle Report on the Ogres v TK game between Luke and Harrison.

3:08:11-3:09:31 – Commercial Break 4

3:09:31-3:21:20 – Local Tournament Scene Info (New and EXPANDED)

3:21:20-3:26:10 – A few new podcasts! Ohiohammer, The Balck Sun and piercing your beanbag

3:26:10-3:40:07 – Contests! We discuss the last contest and where your votes put the armies in the final ranking. We also discuss the current contest, “Hero Harrison.”

3:40:07-3:40:47 – Commercial Break 5

3:40:47-4:19:57 – Building your list based off your choice of Magic Lore, which leads into discussing armies that only have one lore option.

4:19:57-4:20:07 – Bumper Break

4:20:07-4:31:22 – Comp questions and other stuff off our forums and show close.

4:31:22-4:36:03 – Final shout out and singing and stuff. (Christopher would rather that you skipped this, but I don’t think you should!)


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