Episode 24 – This is Actually 23B Because We are Still Talking

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So here’s Episode 24, which is actually Episode 23B but whatever. So last Episode we left off with Bryan Steele stating that he didn’t like that you could pre-measure everything. Since that’s a weird place to start, I backed that segment up a bit so that you could get back into the conversation up to that point. After that, it’s lost of chatter as usual. Oh, and we do let you know who won the latest Game Preserve Contest as well as announce the next contest.

So enjoy the (sort of) second half of the huge monster episode of Garagehammer.

Show Index (times are approximate as everytime I get the times from the WAV file, they change when it converts to MP3…go figure!)

0:00:00-0:01:35 Rehashed intro and welcome
0:01:35-1:07:21 Tomb Kings (not wanting to start cold exactly where we left off, I backed up the conversation about 12 minutes or so to the last natural “topic shift” so that those of you who don’t remember exactly what we said two weeks ago can readjust!)

1:07:21-1:08:41 Break One

1:08:41-1:35:37 The Phoenix Prince talks Skaven Battle Reports with Christopher and extra special guest Taz Fritz!

1:35:37-1:36:17 Break

1:36:17-2:55:36 Sculpting and modeling

2:55:36-3:06:07 Break and a message FROM THE FUTURE!!!!!!

3:06:07-3:49:00 Back for more sculpting modeling and painting

3:49:00-3:53.07 Wrap up, show close/wrap up


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