So welcome to the first episode of Garagegamer. For those of you who didn’t hear about it when we talked about it on the show, this is our monthly “non-Warhammer” podcast. As you know, Christopher and I play lots of games. Warhammer may be our favorite, but it is certainly not our only.

Since the regular Garagehammer episodes are supposed to be only for Warhammer Fantasy, we decided to do an “bonus content” show once a month for the other games in our lives. You can expect lots of talk about other tabletop wargames, as well as the occasional board game or video game (Skyrim, why can’t you get here quicker?) or whatever else we are playing at the time.

Some things you’ll notice…the format is far simpler. We pretty much just have the one segment on the main topic. Also, it’s short (for us). This being our first foray into Garagegamer, we wanted to keep it simple. Just a quick overview of Warmachine with some Hordes thrown in for good measure. We know these are just the basics, but for someone who has never played, this is a nice introduction.

You can expect one episode of Garagegamer every month, each month talking about a different game or faction within a game.

Please let us know what you think of the new show in the episode discussion thread on our new Garagehammer forums. You can jump to the thread by clicking here.

Thanks for listening!