Episode 23 A – We’re Constantly Talking About Something

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So here’s Episode 23 A. Sorry we are a few days late with it. This episode just broke a new record. We talked for almost 7 hours with our guests Bryan Steele and Aaron Schmidt about everything under the sun (the REALLY long Garage ManaGeR section proves that).  Four guys with mics talking Warhammer, and hobbying in general, makes it even easier to talk forever.

We cover more modeling and reading than we realized, but if you like reading, we go into a lot of our favorite reads.

So here’s what we had to do…we broke the episode into two parts. Part A is here for you, and part B will be our in a day or so. So enjoy the first half of the huge monster episode of Garagehammer.

Show Index:

Intro and Welcome 0:00-2:50

Shout out from the Cranky Lawyer 2:50-4:40

Rolling into news and Rumors 4:40-11:50

Not much news. No O&G FAQ, so we talk about what we want FAQ’d.  We talk about how we’ve been trying to memorize the TK book while it’s on display.

Game preserve Battalion news 11:50-15:25

We’ve gone from a single prize to three prizes for episode 24!

Back to News and Rumors 15:25-19:25

GW dropping metals in favor of resin? What madness is this?

First commercial break (UGG)  19:25-20:40

Garage ManaGeR section 20:40-37:20

David built Rasputina and painted and built his Plague Furnace

Christopher is building his Chaos – er , I mean, Abyssal Dwarfs.

David got some awesome stuff in trade from Gordon Sundin, one of his Canadian friends! Then we somehow roll back into going from metal to resin. Then David got a gift of a metal 1:30 scale German tank, and Christopher talks about dressing up as an SS Officer.

Second Commercial Break (Game Preserve) 37:20-38:20

Back to Garage ManaGer WITH Bryan Steele and Aaron Schmidt  38:20-

Ok, so we talk about our models, the books we are reading and all sorts of other stuff. Some of it’s Warhammer, and some of it’s just our geek stuff.  We also talk about taking donations to punch Christopher, make him stab himself in the leg and also to make him either drink his own urine or jump into a volcano.

Third break (Ursa’s Den) 1:21:33-1:22:52

Back to Garage ManaGeR (still) for reading this time!  1:22:52-1:55:20

We all have been reading a lot and run from Patrick Rothfuss, to Black Library, to H.P. Lovecraft and zombie fiction. If you like to read, this should be cool for you. If you’re an illiterate poof, you’re going to skip.

Garage ManaGeR goes to other gaming 1:55:20-2:29:15

Here Chris talks about his game against Harrison and then talks a bit about Kings of War.

Fourth break 2:29:15-2:29:45

Tournament Info and Updates (brought to you by The Circle City Circuit) 2:29:45-2:39:45

Tomb Kings (part 1) 2:39:45-3:01:09

We all spent a bunch of time at our FLGSs poring over the Tomb King book and trying to memorize everything we could. We aren’t 100% certain we are right, since we are going from memory, but we certainly did study the book as best as we could and, just as with the Orcs and Goblins, we are giving our thoughts about what we read.

Close of Part 1 3:01:09-3:03:03

David comes on and ends the show with a preview of what’s ahead for part two.


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