Episode 21 – Adepticon Prep Now in 2D!

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So we’re getting ready for Adepticon, and playing some games. We also talk about some ideas David’s been rolling around for a new “Chaos Invasion” campaign. This episode is only coming in at about 2:45, but forget it, we’re not apologizing.  Enjoy!

Episode 21 Index (times approximate)

0:00-13:30 –Welcome, Sponsors, Shout-out and News & Rumors!

Grey Knights, Tomb Kings, Mantic Orcs and some other Mantic items

13:30-17:38 – Don’t know what we’re saying time!

Christopher sets the record straight about “John” Elmer and then talks about about some new ideas he’s had since reviewing the Dwarfs of Chaos.

17:38-18:58 – First Break

18:58-52:14 – Garage ManaGeR Section (brought to you by Chaos Orc Superstore)

Ok…sorry about the singing. I just thought it might add some Zazz.

We talk about what we’ve been building. David got some new toys. We discuss Unseen Lerker 7 and White Dwarf 374 before getting into the first Battle Discussion at about 35:00. The battle is Christopher’s Brets v. Luke’s new Orcs & Goblins.

52:14-53:29 – Second Break

53:29-1:19:04 – Second Battle Discussion

This one is David’s Skaven v. Taz’s Dark Elves. We talk about this one for a while because it’s the first game for either of us with Skaven and we get into our “first impressions.” We linger a bit, mostly because David has no idea why he won, or more accurately, what he did right.

1:19:04-1:20:27 – Third break

1:20:27- 2:08:27 – Adepticon prep game and list discussion. Christopher is not in a tournament this time, keeping his options open to try anything. David, however, is bringing 200 points of Dwarfs and trying his hand at his first Adepticon tournament. They discuss one practice battle and then get into the particulars of the list.

2:08:27-2:09:27 Fourth Break

2:09:27-2:17:10 Upcoming Tournament Updates (Sponsored by Circle City Circuit)

We cover the local tournament updates and Christopher does his on-air will of his models to David.

2:17:10-2:44:15 Somewhat Mighty Empires

David has some ideas for a Chaos Invasion campaign that combines teams with individual achievement. It’s only the early stages, but he’s hoping for some forum feedback.

2:44:15-2:45:04 – Show wrap-up and close


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