Episode 20 – The Dwarfs of Chaos

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So today is a big day and a big episode, full of surprises and big announcements. (We’re not rage quitting!) You won’t even want to miss the Master Engineer’s segment today, as there is even a big announcement there! We discuss a lot of things, but mostly The Dwarfs of Chaos. Since so few people actually play Dwarfs of Chaos, we go even deeper into the book than usual. We cover absolutely everything about this army. From fluff to flip charts, nothing is missed. Enjoy!

Episode 20 Index (times approximate)

0:00-3:30 – Dreadlord Muffaletta Falafel and Announcer

3:30-5:15 – Greetings, Sponsors and Shout Out Sponsors

5:15-19:20 – News and Rumors

Mantic Orcs are available for Preorder

19:20-20:40 First Commercial Break

20:40-1:01:13 – Garage ManaGeR Section (brought to you by Chaos Orc Superstore)

David discusses his Longbeard Rangers and their proposed paint scheme.

Christopher is sick of being sick.

Mighty Empires Season 2 has begun!

Tomb Kings won’t be getting new skeletons in the first wave of new models.

David is reading Sword of Justice and just bought A Wise Man’s Fear. He also got in his first game of Malifaux!

Christopher had two games of Warmachine with friends who are warming up for Adepticon.

1:01:12-1:02:12 – Second commercial break

1:02:12-1:28:56 – Upcoming Tourney info and what we’ve been listening to lately.

Also, the Game Preserve 50 Contest winner and new contest announced!

1:28:56-1:37:09 – The Big Announcement

1:37:09-1:38:00 – Commercial Break Three

1:38:00-4:21:30 – Dwarfs of Chaos review with several breaks along the way. (This way you have a nice place to pause until later, or go get a soda, or use the restroom! Aren’t we considerate?)

4:21:30-4:23:00 – Show wrap-up and close

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