Episode 19 – Orcs Went Waaaff While Chris and Chris Sundered Each Other

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Please welcome back to the podcast Chris Yu.  After a bit of trouble with the Master Engineer segment, the show gets going full steam. We discuss the Tomb Kings announcement. Painting, and get some elven battle reports and a discussion of David’s his first ever game of 40K, and after a few tournament updates, we delve into our first impressions of all that green goodness. Warning, we discuss a lot, but not everything. We only got the book in at our local gaming establishment that morning. Lots of furious writing ensued and after work everyone took a little while to look over the info. Just remember, these are our first impressions and I for one am looking forward to revisiting this book in a few months and seeing if anything we said turned out to be right.

Episode 19 Index (times approximate)

0:00-2:20 – Master Engineer (with interruptions) and Announcer

2:20-5:15 – Greetings, Sponsors and Shout Out Sponsors

5:15-28:55 – News and Rumors

Orcs and Goblins will be followed by Tomb Kings after only two short months. Mantic teams up with Battlefoam (who ought to be our sponsor already. C’mon Romeo, what’s the delay?).

28:55-29:55 First Commercial Break

29:55-1:07:55 – Garage ManaGeR Section (brought to you by Chaos Orc Superstore)

Chris Yu paints some HE Spearmen and is building a “hard to explain” display board

David built more things for his Skaven and discusses White Dwarf’s battle reports

Christopher hates basing models and the fluff for Malifaux (but he still wants to play it). He also gets in a learning game of Warmachine and some “filthy elfhammer.”

1:07:55-1:09:05 – Second commercial break

1:09:05-1:51:25 –  Battle Reports

Chris and Christopher “sunder each other.”

David plays a game of Warhammer in the grim darkness of the far future and wants some explanations before his next game.

1:51:25-1:52:50 – Third Commercial Break

1:52:51-2:01:30 – Tournament Updates

Circle City Circuit

Invasion Kenosha III

Blood in the Sun

2:01:30-2:02:50 Fourth Commercial Break

2:02:50-3:50:00 – Our first impressions of what we see in the upcoming Orcs & Goblins book.

3:50:00-3:51:52 – Show wrap-up and after show clip

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