Episode 18 – A Candy Bar Wrapped in Cannons

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Please welcome to the podcast first time guest and Warhammer newcomer Tom Berthold (Empire).  So in this episode we cover a few topics. We recorded this only 9 days after recording the previous episode, so there isn’t a bunch of gaming to report on.  Also, we recorded this before all the Orc and Goblin pre-release info came out, so that will be in Episode 19. What we DO have for you is a new installment of The Phoenix Prince. Harrison was asleep by the time we got to the High Elf review last time, so he decided to cover the only thing we didn’t (and a topic near and dear to his heart), Special Characters.

Then we announce the upcoming inaugural Garagehammer tournament “Blood in the Sun” which is being organized by show regulars Grant Fetter, Steve Leckman and Chris Yu.

Next we discuss Mighty Empires in preparation for the upcoming campaign among the NW2. As I am running this campaign I bring up some of the rules changes I’m considering which leads to a ton of discussion about rules and what can/will happen when you mess with them.

Finally we talk to Tom about his thoughts as a new Warhammer player and also discuss what he thinks about his army (Empire) specifically.

Episode 18 Index (times approximate)

0:00-3:00 – Master Engineer and Announcer

3:00-7:15 – Greetings and Sponsors

7:15-21:20 – News and Rumors (including the “Blood in the Sun” inaugural tournament)

21:20-57:18 – Garage ManaGeR Section (brought to you by Chaos Orc Superstore)

Modeling: Christopher paints some Warmachine stuff and a Hydra. Tom considers buying some new models for his Empire army. David has trouble with the color scheme for his Longbeards.

Gaming: David watches “Bleach” and the other two mock him for it. Christopher complains (once again) how much he hates television and movies, then talks about the “game that almost was” with double Hydras and a dragon, then mentions the many video games he played while snowed in.

Reading: Tom has discovered H.P. Lovecraft (to David’s almost obscene delight).  David reviews “Temple of the Serpent” and White Dwarf 372.

57:18-58:41 – First commercial break

58:14-1:18:48 – The Phoenix Prince discusses the obscenely overpowered and undercosted special characters in the High Elf army.

1:18:48-1:21:04 – Shameless plugs and our Shout-out Sponsor (Ryan Taylor)

1:21:04-1:46:25 – Battle Reports (not exactly)

Since we didn’t play Warhammer in the 9 days since we last recorded, this is short. I (once again) confuse Starcraft 2 and Toy Story! Christopher still loves Civilization V. David has no battle to speak of, but they discuss his probable Adepticon list. Yes it’s Dwarfs, but it’s not the list he normally takes at all.

1:46:25-2:04:40 – Stupid mistakes David said and got called on from previous shows. I also take back my previous opinion on swift reform and the “building shuffle” which leads to more talk about how to tone down the “unassailable hut.” We also throw out an invitation to the listeners to give us their opinions on scenarios. Christopher and Tom start talking about A Tribe Called Quest and The Beastie Boys because I said “scenario.”

2:04:40-2:08:10 – Second Commercial break and The Circle City Circuit update.

2:08:10-3:10:15 – Mighty Empires!

We discuss the “rules” and then I tell the guys about my proposed adjustments, which leads to a cool discussion of rules tweaking and the unforeseen consequences of mokeying with the core game rules.

3:10:15-3:11:15 – Third Commercial Break

3:11:15-3:21:30 – The Game Preserve 50 Contest!

We announce the winner of the current contest, and we also announce the new contest. Somehow, Seinfeld works his way into the conversation for the billionth time this show.

3:21:30-4:08:28 – Warhammer talk with our resident Noob!

Tom talks Empire with us and also talks about 8th Edition in General.

4:08:28-4:14:35 – Listener Mail and preview of next episode!

4:14:35-4:15:48 – Closing and Final Word.

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