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We are sorry that we are about four days late with this episode, but we hop you will find it was worth the wait! In this episode, we are joined by guest Chris Yu as we discuss The High Elves.  Also, “Handsome Man” Grant Fetter stops by to report on “Waaaghpaca,” a tournament sponsored by the Handsome Point Boys from “Point Hammered.”

So relax and get ready for four and a half hours of Warhammer Fantasy goodness!

Show Index (all times are apparently approximate)

0:00 Master Engineer and Announcer, Welcome and Sponsors

5:50 News and Rumors (and some movie nonsense)

20:00 Garage ManaGeR section (including some spontaneous recreations of movie scenes)

48:30 Commercial Break

49:30 More movie nonsense and Shout Out Sponsorship (including a spontaneous outbreak of Queen!)

54:00 Battle Reports! VC/HE  and Brets/WoC

1:35:13 Commercial Break

1:36:37 “Handsome Man” Grant Fetter discusses Waaaghpaca. Games, Fun and Mischief abound!

2:14:08 Commercial BBreak

2:15:52 Circle City Circuit update and Shameless Plugs

2:22:00 High Elf Army Review – Overview (pros and cons)

2:37:30 Core Units

2:44:05 Special Units

3:17:00 Christopher’s Delusion that the Dark Elves, and not the High Elves, are “The True Elves.”

3:22:30 Rare Units

3:28:00 High Magic / The Vortex Shard

3:39:00 Characters: Lords, Heroes, mounts, Dragon Princes and Dragons in general

3:54:30 Magic Items

4:20:00 Defeating the High Elves

4:30:00 Preview of Next Epsiode, Show Wrap Up and post-show clip

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