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Sorry about the delay, but this is the first episode with our new equipment and we are still getting used to everything, so it took us a bit longer.

Disclaimer: Christopher wasn’t feeling well the day we re-recorded this episode (what a trooper!) and not only was he feeling awful, but he had to take his cold medicine which really started to take effect in the final half hour or so of the show. Oh, so you are aware…Christopher+Cold medicine=Comedy Gold (according to Christopher when he’s hopped up on cold medicine.)

Speaking of old, new, and our equipment, if you are interested you can see our entire setup sitting on the BRB in the picture. That tiny recorder was all we had until Episode 9 when we finally got some mics to plug into it. The rest of what you see on the table is our new setup. Hopefully this will boost our production value.

So in this episode we discuss the following: Upcoming Skaven releases, new FAQ’s, 4 battle reports with heretofore untested (by us) armies! Then, after a bit of shameless self-promotion we bring some of the more compelling discussions from our forums to the show. This starts off as a discussion about us having a GW positive episode and we take this discussion to our thoughts of the pros and cons of Games Workshop and the discussion goes all over the place. (What? You’re surprised?)

From there, because they seem to be in every game lately, we go over the rules for buildings. They seem simple enough, but there’s four pages of rules just for your basic building!
Finally, we discuss the Contest Contest, but not before Christopher’s cold medicine makes it impossible for him to stay on target (which means that now there’s nobody on the show who can stay focused) or take anything seriously. I left it all in because I thought it was super funny, but then again I love the music from Episode 5.

Show Index

0:00 >The Master Engineer and Snorri / Show Announcer

2:22 >Welcome & Show Sponsors

7:00 >News & Rumors

Skaven, new FAQ’s and this year’s release schedule

29:47 >Games ManaGeR section

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51:23 >Commercial Break #1

52:40 >Shout Out and Special Thank You

58:05 >Battle Reports

58:05 >Christopher’s Brets vs HE

1:03:30 >David’s VC vs. HE

3 reports and a discussion about first impressions and what I plan to try next with the VC

1:32:25 >Christopher’s first impressions of his Brets and what he plans to try next

1:48:05 >Commercial Break #2

1:50:35 >A GW positive episode?

2:27:30 >Commercial Break #3

2:28:55 >Rules for Buildings

3:01:50 >Contest Contest and Cold Medicine

During this last segment Christopher’s cold medicine took over. We started talking about the contest and then, before you know it, we’re telling jokes, talking about which types of candy we like, discussing movies, and listening to Christopher continually coming back to his thoughts about the much needed Vampire Dwarf.

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