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As we posted the final Garagehammer episode for this year, we tried to make sure to give you everything that has made Garagehammer what it is and end on a high note.

So, to that end, we begin with the news and rumors, go into the Games ManaGeR section, where we cover the massive amount of model building David’s been doing. Then we talk a bit about how our Mighty Empires campaign ended and what armies we will be taking for the next campaign, which leads into a discussion of how we go about creating our armies.

After a slight 40K tangent (sorry!) we air a new commercial, do some shameless self-promotion, and then get into a discussion about chariots before going back for a bit to last episode’s “broken” topic. Then we take another break and David airs his UGG Christmas “all singing” commercial (sorry about that too, but I couldn’t help myself).

After that, it’s the triumphant return of The Phoenix Prince! Harrison has decided to only come on when he’s got something really worth adding, but this week, he’s got a High Elf magic combo that really packs a punch.

Then we get into the “main” topic for Garagehammer 101, The Shooting Phase. After a tangent about whether all armies are equal and if this inequality might be deliberate, we get back to the topic of shooting the crap out of your enemies.

Finally, we take some time to send some warm Christmas wishes to friends, family, and other Podcasts before wrapping up the show.

Then that’s it. There’s nothing after the show. Really. No “Easter Eggs” after the closing music, and certainly not the two of us singingĀ  musical numbers requested by generous donors. Really! It never happened, so you don’t even need to bother sticking around after the show close for it because it isn’t there. Don’t believe the rumors…those are nothing but a damned batch of lies!

Show Log

Master Engineer and “Colin” 0.00-2.20

Welcome and Sponsors 2.20-6.20

News and Rumors 6.20-27.55

Garage ManaGeR section 27.55-1.19.40

Christopher’s Warmachine and Brets 29.30

David models and models 34.00

David’s Reading and Gaming 41.00

A 40K Tangent 46.10

Christopher’s reading 50.40

Campaign Wrap up and Christopher’s gaming 51.30

Our armies for the next campaign 58.00

Halberds, Great Weapons, and S6 1.04.30

Starting New Armies 1.06.30

Commercial Break 1.19.40-1.21.10

Shameless Plugs 1.21.10-1.23.40

Contest Info 1.23.40-1.25.00

iTunes reviews chat 1.25.00-1.31.00

Shout out sponsors and bad accents 1.31.00-1.35.30

A bit of Chariot Talk 1.35.30-1.47.00

Back to the “Broken” topic 1.47.00-2.02.09

Second Commercial Break 2.02.09-2.03.31

The Phoenix Prince 2.03.31-2.26.25

Garagehammer 101 – Shooting and stuff 2.26.25-.3.28.00

Are all armies equal tangent 2.48.30

Back to shooting 2.54.30

End of Year thanks and well wishes 3.28.00-end

Show wrap up and nothing after that…really, so don’t feel the need to stay a while and listen.

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Happy New Year, and stay tuned for Episode 16 in 2011!