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Shout out for Episode 14 by Chris Yu.

Hello everyone, and sorry about the delay. We are NOT taking a break this holiday season, we just fell a bit behind when it came time to edit the show.

This week Christopher and I welcome Chris Yu back to the show. We spend a little time this episode covering some of our listener email as well as some of the things on our forums.

In fact, the main topic of the show came from a forums suggestion by Chris Yu (good reason to have him on then, eh?) after a game we had. He wanted to discuss “broken” items. This prompted us to asks the opinions of our forum members, which expanded the conversation from broken items, to tough things we hate to face as well as ch-ch-cheesy combos!

After spending a few days thinking about whether The Book of Hoeth is broken, I started to form this theory that maybe WFB 8th Ed might actually NOT be broken. I think I even go as far as to say the game plays the way GW actually said it would before its release….of course, I also think I’m funny, so what do I know?

Anyway, here’s the episode. It’s only about 3 1/4 hours long, so forgive us for slacking.

Look for episode 15 between Christmas and New Year!