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So today Christopher and I are joined by “Handsome Man” Grant Fetter as we discuss both gaming etiquette and The Warriors of Chaos. This double topic enabled us to keep up the growing tradition of “neverending podcasts” that we seem far too gabby to be able to avoid. This episode is also uncharacteristically straight forward in that we manage to stick to talking Warhammer for pretty much the entire episode.

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Here’s the breakdown (all times are approximate) —

Master Engineer, Show Announcer and Sponsors – 0:00-5:45

News & Rumors – 5:45-21:10

Games ManaGeR Section (with “8th Edition Tournamentibility Tangents”) – 21:10-56:00

Battle Reports – 56:00-1:43:00

Grant – 56:00-1:18:30

Christopher – 1:18:30-1:28:00

David – 1:28:10-1:43:00

Etiquette – 1:43:00-2:23:45

Shout-out Sponsor & Shameless Promotion – 2:23:45-2:29:00

Warriors of Chaos Army Review – 2:29:00-4:30:00

Show Close – 4:30:00-4:31:36

Thank you for listening. Stay tuned for Episode 14!