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Episode 12- The Cheating Phase Part 2

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First of all, this episode is NOT as long as you think it is. Well, it is, but that’s because we managed to obtain a fantastic interview with Bryan Steele and that went for about an hour and ten minutes. So really, it’s a three hour and fifteen minute show (normal for us) with a fantastic BONUS interview. Bryan was the lead fiction writer for Warmachine Prime and his other credits include the Conan MMO, the Babylon 5 and Conan RPGs as well as Babylon 5: A Call to Arms. We also discuss his current work in freelance sculpting and painting. Check out his work at his website www.ursasden.com

So what else are you in store for? Well, we discuss what’s upcoming (or really, what’s NOT upcoming) from GW as well as new models from both Avatars of War and Mantic Games.

In the Games ManaGeR section we talk about our usual nonsense. What have we painted or played (other than WHFB games) and what have we been reading. We each have an interesting Battle report, and by interesting I don’t mean we had resounding victories. After the Steele interview, we announce our contest winner and discuss our new contest. Ho-ho-ho. Finally, we get to the Eight Lores of magic. This time, we discuss all fifty six spells available in the eight magic lores.

Stay tuned for Episode 13. We’ll have more Warhammer discussion as well as some discussion of interesting stuff cropping up on our forum and a bit of “listener mail.”

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Show Index:

Intro/Sponsors – 0:00-6:45

News and Rumors – 6:45-25:15

Games ManaGeR – 25:15-41:45

Shameless Promotion and Shout out Sponsors – 41:45-53:30

Battle Reports – 53:30-1:16:30

Interview with Bryan Steele – 1:16:30-2:23:00

Contest Winners and New Contest – 2:23:00-2:34:00

The Eight Lores of Magic:

Intro and thoughts on Magic 2:34:15-2:35:25

Fire and Beasts – 2:35:25-3:05:25

Metal and Light – 3:05:25-3:35:00

Life and Heavens – 3:35:00-4:01:00

Shadow and Death – 4:01:00-4:20:45

Final Thoughts and Wrap-up – 4:20:45-4:23:45