WARNING: We talk about a LOT more than just Warhammer this week. Tons of new models, games and books float through the garage! Check the show segment time line at the end of this description for subjects and lengths!

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So after a slight delay we are back folks and boy, did we have a lot to talk about!

So many new models have either been announced or released since our last episode (not to mention a few new attention demanding video games) that we have what I believe is our longest Games ManaGeR segment ever (and if you count the discussion of Blood Bowl Legendary Edition it is without a doubt the longest). This week we report on the three games we’ve had for the Northern Wastelands Wargamers Mighty Empires campaign. We also hear from The Phoenix Prince and introduce a new segment on Black Library series reviews. On top of all that, we talk some Warhammer! Chris gives his views on cavalry and then we get into a discussion of magic in Garagehammer 101.

We wrap it all up by announcing the winners of both our “Road Kill Rally” and our “Mantic Zombies” contests.

There’s still time to enter the “Game Preserve 50” contest. Check back to Episode 10 for the full details!

Show Breakdown: All times are approximate.

Master Engineer and Announcer:  0:00-2:28

Sponsors, shout-outs, David’s special fan and “Christopher inspires his brother”:  2:28-15:13

Game ManaGeR:  15:13-50:35

Blood Bowl Legendary Edition:  50:35-1:03:45

News and Rumors: 1:03:45-1:17:15

Generals’ Battle Reports:  1:17:15-2:21:18

The Phoenix Prince:  2:21:18 – 2:37:07

Tangents: Bleeps, TRON and The NAF:  2:37:07-2:44:20

Christopher talks Cavalry (and then side tracks me about Wood Elves):  2:44:20-3:04:40

Black Library Spotlight: Gotrek and Felix:  3:04:40-3:28:30

Garagehammer 101: The Magic Phase:  3:28:30-4:00:30

Contests…Road Kill Rally, mantic Zombies, and The Game Preserve Fifty:  4:00:30-4:20:00

Episode 11 Preview and wrap-up:  4:20:00-4:25:00

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