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So here we are at Episode 10! We finally made it to double digits and so we are trying to give you everything we have. This episode covers more than even we expected.

Thanks to our long time sponsor, Unique Gifts and Games, and welcome to TWO new sponsors on the Double Digit, Double Episode. Also, it’s only appropriate that, on double episode day, we have TWO shout out sponsors as well!

Having said that, some explanation is probably in order. We started recording this episode the day after we posted Episode 9. We wanted to get in a turn-by-turn battle report, plus we knew we’d be reporting on how we did at the Core Competency Tournament. Of course, we didn’t want to just talk about the tournament, so we had to include all the usual stuff, including The Phoenix Prince and a short episode of “Garagehammer 101” where we focus on Charging. We know, we touched on this last episode, but some new things came up at the tournament and we just wanted to voice them for all to hear.

Afterwards, we get into a group discussion of all things 8th Edition. Sort of a “What have we learned since July 10” segment. We talk about the rules new to Warhammer that we like and dislike. Of course, true line of sight came up and the argument commenced. I came off as the only defender of the rule, but I only mention it because everyone there thought Christopher and I were getting angry with each other over this, and we sound rather worked up over it. We can assure you that we were not and are not angry. Sometimes our passion for the game (and good debate) take over.

Next up is the Phoenix Prince talking about the “Island of Blood,” and since he plays High Elves and Skaven, he had a bunch to keep him occupied at the moment.

Then we break in on our own show to explain the lack of our common linear show and preface all that follows. In a nutshell: One turn by turn battle report. Two post game battle summaries with members of our gaming group “The Northern Wastelands Wargamers.” These games are from the first round of our Mighty Empires campaign. (Thanks to Steve for agreeing to run it!)

The show then shifts to Core Competency. We have two interviews from the tourney. One is with Scott Tipsword, a Wood Elf player whose balanced list caused trouble for several players that weekend.  The other is with our good friend Joe Flesch from Waaaghcast! Afterwards, we talk to Steve Leckman and Chris Yu, the other two members of NWW who were at Core Comp. Finally, Chris and I settled down to talk about our experiences at our first large scale tournament. This last part was recorder between 1:30 and 3:00am so Chris was tired and I was worried about waking up the rest of the house, so we start off sounding wierd, because we’re speaking quietly. Of course, we warm to the subject and get back to our normal selves quickly.

Also in the show, the ManaGeR section, news and rumors. and updates/announcements about FOUR contests. We announce the winner of the Mantic Ghouls Contest. Remind everyone else about getting your entries in for the “Road Kill Rally” contest. Then we announce TWO new contests. First, you can enter to win some of the just released Mantic Zombies. That contest will end soon and the winner will be announce on the next show along with the Road Kill Rally winner. Finally, we announce a new contest from our new sponsor “The Game Preserve.” I won’t tell you anything about it here, but listen for it because it’s one hell of a contest.

And thanks again to everyone who is listening. You are the reason that we can do this.

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