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So this week’s episode strays a bit from the normal format. A good friend of ours had a board game published recently. He asked us if we might mention it on the show. Well, after playing it, we thought it deserved a full on review. Now, be warned. This is our first board game review and we can’t even try to claim that we have this “overall game review” thing down as well as the guys from D6G, but we do our best (and if I may say so, we do a decent job) to get you the feel for the game and how much fun it is. Of course, since we are treading into other people’s territory so to speak, everyone on the show from the Master Engineer to the Show Announcer got into the spirit of “borrowing.” (Disclaimer: Any reference, name, or tag line used during these segments are meant as the sincerest form of flattery to our brothers in podcasting and NOT as trying to appropriate their IP type stuff. Honest!)

Of course, the review comes after our standard ManaGeR section and some other ramblings and the usual tangents that we just can’t seem to avoid. Christopher brings up some Hydra talk and a new army build/strategy and, after I heard it, I was shocked nobody else has mentioned it. It’s a pretty killer piece of meta-gaming! Then after the review we get to talking some serious Warhammer. Garage 101 focuses on The Movement phase, which makes sense since we previously covered terrain setup and deployment. Of course, once we started talking about movement somehow we drifted back into Dwarfs and their meager movement and from there we just went all over. It’s some fun conversation, and really, what’s better than two friends just talking Warhammer and letting the conversation go wherever it naturally leads to?

Don’t forget to enter the Mantic Ghouls contest we announced in Episode 8. Winner will be announced in the upcoming “Episode 10: Double digits, double Warhammer, double fun, double episode type thing.”

Also, we announce our next contest during the review of “Road Kill Rally” so listen in and enter to win!