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Ok, so here’s Garagehammer Episode Eight. Today we are joined by local tournament organizer and Lizardmen player Steve Leckman. (I know, it’s the Dwarf review, but David’s the only one who plays them, so who were we going to have? Don’t worry. Steve will be back on when we do our Lizardmen review. So we started talking and, you know how it is when you’re just shooting the breeze with your friends on a topic you really love yapping about…you just keep talking. We do talk in a bit of detail about three games, looking for what works and what doesn’t. We also point out all the “glaringly obvious in hindsight” mistakes that we made and what the heck we can do better. We hope this is informational to new players and maybe even the more experienced players (hey if you don’t learn anything, at least you can slap your forehead and laugh and then write us emails (garagehammer@live.com) about how stupid we are) should be at least entertained…and if you need a bright side to look at, just think how many people there are who play at Christopher’s and my level and how easy it would be for you to run the table on all of us. You’re so cool.

Anyway, we get to talking about the Dwarf book, and we take it step by step through the units, and I talk too much. But we did get forum requests to talk, at least a bit about a “typical turn for a Dwarf.” Also, some people wanted a specific section on anti-dwarf tactics. (Doesn’t anyone else play them? I’m starting to feel as if I really am alone in some remote fortress upholding the glory of the Dwarfs all alone…man, their fluff is depressing.)

So all in all this show is long so just prepare to pause and continue some time tomorrow or something.

First two minutes – Master Engineer and Snorri

2 min. to 44 min. – Intro, Shout outs, ManaGeR, and first break

45 min. to 105 min.  – Phoenix Prince, Our lists and practice games for Core Competency and second break.

105 min. to 207 min. – Dwarf Army Review and closing.

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