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Ok, so this episode ran LONG. However, in our defense, Christopher did give a heck of a report on GenCon, which turned it from a little over two and a half hours to a little over three hours. So what’s in store this episode? Well, besides GenCon we talk about the games we’ve had over the past few weeks, which sidetracks into a bit of a tactics discussion. We talk a little about Nagash and his “Time of Legends” series from Black Library. I have a mini freak-out about Blood Bowl (I love this game).  Harrison announces the new name for his segment and then talks about magic items, the Lore of Heavens and Army Builder. Then, a bit about recent and upcoming GW releases. Finally, we begin our Garagehammer 101 segments with the first of our two main topics, how to construct your army, using our 1600pt tournament lists as examples. This part starts to sort of, kind of, go all over the place. Our wrap up may be a bit anti-climactic, but it’s honest. Finally, once you’ve got your army chosen, you want to put it on the table, but first you have to set up your board. So we talk a bit about terrain and the tactics behind setting up the board to your best advantage. This leads to a rules-miester / fluff-miester debate about the thirty some odd pieces of terrain you can choose from, and their usefulness and overall impact on the game. We couldn’t come to a real agreement about the terrain rules, but that’s how it goes in the city of Compton.

Music: Billy – Bob Dylan

Feeling Good – Nina Simone

Death Rape 2000 – Wiseblood

No, we didn’t actually play any N.W.A. because this is a family friendly show.

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