Hello all and welcome to Episode Four of Garagehammer.  Lots going on this episode.  First of all, we manage to stay on topic for over 90% of the show! This week we discuss the FAQs put out by Games Workshop the day before the release of 8th Edition.  We don’t go into too much depth and detail for two reasons. First, they are very basic (for the most part, aligning terms and concepts to the new rules) and, according to GW, they will be revisited on a regular basis, so this first round isn’t exactly world-shaking.  Second, we didn’t want to get into too much discussion on any one army. We plan on reviewing each army in turn over the next few months and there’s no need to start right this second…and since this episode managed to come in under two hours, less is probably better this week!

This week we start with the Errata, remember the shout out in the middle of the show (makes for an interesting break in the errata), and Harrison returns for another installment of “The Sigmar Youth.”

As always we’d like to thank our advertiser/friendly local gaming establishment Unique Gifts and Games.

We would also like to thank our latest shout out sponsor Jamie Searle. (Although I’m not sure why since his shout-out is in Norwegian. Thanks for embarrassing us and forcing us to mangle your native tongue, Jamie!)

This weeks theme music: Go! by Tones on Tail