So the rumor was that all the Army Book errata as it is relevant to 8th Edition would be released on July 6th. So Christopher came over and we were set to download all of it and start recording our first impressions right away. If we were quick, we could have been the first to have something out among the various Warhammer Fantasy Podcasts that we enjoy. Alas, we were fooled. There is, as of the time I am writing this, still no errata (although I’m certain it’ll be up tomorrow and we won’t be able to get anything recorded and all our plans will have been for naught).

Since we didn’t want to wait ANOTHER week to put out an episode, we decided to sit down and just talk about the things we’ve been talking about when the mic wasn’t there…army books and how they might be better or worse under the new rules. So we start setting up and…the power goes out. So we take the girls for burgers and while they play in the jungle gym, we start new show notes. About 90 minutes later, we have power and start doing a show.

This week we talk about models, painting, books, and the Podhammer Marathon show which will start on July 10 at 8am (+10 GMT). Believe it or not, we get through all that, talk about our advertiser Unique Gifts and Games and our show sponsor Brian Martin (Thanks, Brian!) as well as a new friend of the show Legions Hobbies and Games (Hey, Bill!) all in about a half hour!!!

Then we get to our topic, the 16 armies (Christopher talks a bit about Chaos Dwarfs) and how the new rules will impact them. Now, we only go over things briefly because we will have entire episodes dedicated to each book once the errata comes out. However, even at about 5 minutes a book this part takes almost an hour and a half. The good thing we can say is that this episode is actually over 80% Warhammer. The other 20% is chicken meal, chicken by-product, vitamins A thru B12, and natural preservatives.

Our show minutes:

Beginning – Intro, advertiser, sponsors, and Podhammer Marathon (w/clip from Jeff Carroll’s “Podhammer” announcing the Marathon Show)

21:55 – Our week in gaming

37:45 – Army Books and Quick Opinions


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See you all in about two weeks.

Have fun playing 8th Edition!