So here’s Episode Two! It’s another long show (just over two and a half hours) but I started rambling about Star Wars and my trip to Disney World, complete with tales of vomiting, and the next thing you know…we were stuck in tangent land. Add to that our first impressions of the new book, and also of Christopher and I debating the merits (or lack thereof) of the new rules and you get what we hope is a rather interesting and spirited debate.
Also this episode, the premier of our newest segment, “The Sigmar Youth.” This latest addition to the show is a chance for the youngest player in our group (my son Harrison) to get a little air time and talk about his thoughts on the game. We think it will be an interesting portion of the show, getting the point of view of someone much newer to gaming than ourselves. His opinions tend to be less jaded (ah, youth) and he doesn’t fall into fits of fanboy drooling as often as his old man.

Finally, we want to give a big thanks to our first advertiser, Unique Gifts and Games in Grayslake, Illinois (our local friendly gaming establishment).

So enjoy the show, because we won’t have another up until after Eighth Edition release weekend (about three weeks). We’re planning on spending that weekend playing as many games as possible and then coming back to give you our first “post-playing-it” impressions.

Finally, if you live in our area, please come by Unique Gifts and Games on Friday, July 9. They’re having an Eighth Edition Release Party with the book going on sale at midnight. Christopher, Harrison and I will all be there and we’d love to meet some new Warhammer Fantasy players!

Here’s a few links to places we mentioned in this episode…check them out!